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A Step-by-Step Guide to Decluttering Your Closet

If your closet often leaves you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choices, or like you have nothing to wear despite a full closet, this blog post is for you. Today, we're going to redefine your relationship with your closet, transform it from a source of stress into a haven of style that's organized, functional, and filled with pieces that embrace your personal style. Ready? Let's dive in!

Seasonal Organization

Begin with organizing your clothing by seasons. This step will offer a crystal clear snapshot of what your wardrobe consists of and what you wear during various seasons. As each new season dawns, scrutinize your clothes. Did that summer dress see the sun last year? Was I excited to finally get to wear it? Is it still in wearable condition? Is it serving a particular purpose or merely occupying space? If it's a staple, is there a need for it to be replaced or upgraded? These guiding questions will help you discern what to retain and what to pass on to a new home.

Rationalize Your Casual Wear

We're all guilty of hoarding those ultra-comfortable clothes, perfect for yard work or lounging at home. However, is there a need for more than a handful of these outfits? Streamline your casual wear to a few select pieces. This will liberate precious closet space for clothes that make you feel good and look stylish.

Maintain Visibility

The old saying "out of sight, out of mind" rings especially true for clothing. If you're storing garments in a distant room or deep within a drawer, chances are, you're likely to forget them. Keep your clothes in plain sight, so you're aware of your choices. Master the art of folding clothes to ensure visibility in a drawer (Marie Kondo has some invaluable techniques for this). Aim to confine your wardrobe to one closet to prevent overflow.

Discard Duplicates

Do you find yourself seeing double with identical or near-identical pieces? If so, it's time to play favorites. If you have duplicates of items that aren't considered staples, choose the one you love the most and donate or sell the rest. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a wardrobe that sparks joy and serves your unique needs.

Reflect On The Neglected

Identify what’s been hanging in your closet or been pushed to the bottom of your drawers because you haven’t been wearing it. Now, do these things reflect your personal style? If so, why haven’t you been wearing them? Do they need to be replaced? Do you need inspiration on how to style them? If they don’t reflect your personal style and you haven’t worn them for an entire season, it’s time to part ways.

Adopting these practices will transition your overflowing, disheveled closet into an organized, functional space that makes getting dressed everyday an enjoyable event. Keep in mind, decluttering your closet declutters your mind. Here's to cultivating a wardrobe that truly reflects and supports YOU!


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