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About me

As someone who has worked in fashion and retail, transitioned to a career in tech while becoming a mom, I understand the confusion that can arise when it comes to personal style. I've struggled with questions like where to shop, what to wear, and how to feel confident and comfortable in my clothing choices. And let's just be real, I've wasted a lot of time and money trying to wear trends or style that were simply not me.

But I had a breakthrough moment when I realized that I knew my personal style better than any influencer or media outlet out there. I rediscovered the pieces that made me feel my best and the looks that reflected my most authentic self. Additionally realized the only true style expert I needed was myself. I reconnected with the pieces that brought joy and confidence, the ones that echoed my truest self. This journey of self-discovery extended beyond just my wardrobe, reinforcing the profound connection between my internal self and external presentation.


I'm now passionate about guiding you and others on a similar path. Together, let's create and sustain a wardrobe that reflects your authentic self and style while embracing the idea of adornment and self care.

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